Near Space Corporation Flight Operations

Flight Operations

The NSC flight team is skilled at stratospheric balloon operations, including: mission planning and coordination, payload integration and check-out, inflation, launch, tracking, and recovery. Having conducted over 160 stratospheric balloon flights, the team has demonstrated the ability to meet demanding project schedules and requirements. With an integrated balloon facility, NSC is uniquely able to utilize the combined experience of its engineering, production, and flight operations personnel to support high altitude/near space missions. NSC uses a variety of launch techniques and balloon systems to provide test services for a wide range of payload masses and altitudes.


  • Suspended masses up to 3,000 lbs to 130,000 ft
  • Mission planning
  • FAA coordination
  • Payload integration and check-out
  • Balloon flight operations
  • Mission control and telemetry
  • Airspace deconfliction (via tracking aircraft)
  • Payload recovery
  • Flight documentation
Near Space High Altitude Shuttle System (HASS)

Nano Balloon System (NBS)

  • Designed for payloads with limited C3 requirements
  •  Most economical flight vehicle
  • <4kg/slot, <40kg/full manifest under standard services

Small Balloon System (SBS)

  • NSC’s “workhorse” flight vehicle
  • Full payload C3 available plus dedicated payload communication system
  • <20 kg/slot, <40 kg/full manifest under standard services

High Altitude Shuttle System (HASS)

  • Unique gliding unmanned aerial system for payload return from high altitude
  • Potential for high quality reduced gravity parabolic flights
  • Programmable control from release thru landing
  • Patented Tactical Launch System allows launch in 30kt winds
  • <5 kg/slot, <10 kg/full manifest