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Why Join Us?

Near Space Corporation specializes in the testing and maturing of space and aviation technologies using high altitude balloons and UAVs.

Every Team Member Counts

NSC is a small company, so everyone knows each other. We all work together providing a strong team environment. Our focus is on achieving success, whether it be balloon launches, UAV flights or the manufacture of complex space inflatables for our customers. We also take time to celebrate birthdays and enjoy lunch-time potlucks and BBQs.

Our employees are involved in projects from “cradle to grave”. Working on the project from start to finish allows for a full understanding of the project requirements. This also allows everyone to celebrate and repeat their successes as well as make suggestions for improvements.

Get to Know Us

“I like being part of a small team with different, yet very closely woven departments. I enjoy the variety in my work; typing engineering reports and designing flight train components one day, testing balloon valves on another, and being part of a flight launch crew on yet a different day, and all in the same week! It definitely keeps it interesting, especially the fact that I am learning about an aerospace niche that I hadn’t thought about previously”

Amanda, Aerospace Project Engineer

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Near Space Corporation Every Team Member Counts
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A Great Place to Work

Our employees enjoy working in a new state-of-the-art UAS flight facility, where no two days are alike. You’ll have a chance to get your hands dirty as well spend some time behind a computer or out in the field. The health and well-being of our employees matters. NSC provides an exceptional benefit package including competitive wages, health and dental insurance, paid vacation, sick pay, 401(k) retirement plan, short and long term disability, term life insurance, and holiday pay.

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Phone: (503) 842-1990

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