Highly customized flight train design and flight Operations for High Altitude Testing

Over 25 years experience conducting high altitude flights with Payloads from less than one pound to more than ten tons; Altitudes over 130,000 feet, and durations from hours to months.

We specialize in taking on some of the most extreme and difficult projects, working with the customer to develop a custom balloon and C3 system that meets the needs of the customer and provides the safest flight operation and best chance for success.

  • In-situ environmental testing
  • Satellite component testing
  • Entry/Descent/Landing systems testing
  • Remote Sensing
  • High Altitude Range Instrumentation
  • Communications Extension and Emergency Management
  • Custom inflatable, balloon, material, and mechanical engineering
  • Balloon design and analysis using custom tools and software
  • Flight train hardware and electrical design, testing, and certification
  • Materials characterization
  • Elevated and cold temperature testing
  • Altitude chamber testing (pressure, density,
    and temperature up to 130000 ft std atm)
  • Hangar inflation tests