Near Space Corporation Capabilities & Services

Capabilities & Services

Aerostar employs a unique set of capabilities to provide services in support of high-altitude balloon, airship, and unmanned aerial vehicle flight operations. Aerostar is a leader in high altitude/near space operations and has an established record of meeting the requirements of NASA, NOAA, and the Department of Defense. Often used as a team member to provide specialized high-altitude expertise for a wide variety of technology and scientific research projects, Aerostar can minimize lead time and decrease unforeseen delays. Aerostar is uniquely capable of providing commercial engineering, production, and flight operations within a single organization.

Facilities & Equipment

  • Multiple established and remote launch sites
  • Blimp hangar – 1,000 ft long, 300 ft wide, 160 ft high
  • Altitude chamber (pressure and temperature)
  • Material testing lab
  • Tracking aircraft
  • Self-contained mobile operations trailer
  • Specialized launch vehicles and equipment
Manufacturing Near Space Corporation Tillamook Oregon
Near Space Services Provided

Services Provided

  • Specialized design, engineering, and analysis
  • Custom inflatable manufacturing
  • High altitude drop testing
  • Stratospheric scientific experimentation
  • Unmanned aerial system flight testing
  • Mission planning and FAA coordination
  • Staffing for remote flight operations